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Weakness Of Truth

I’m In Trouble Deep

Nur bei Werder Bremen

Heaven For Heroes

Rollercoaster Of Life

Friends Come And Go



Live Acoustic - Haus Spitz, Bochum 05.09.2020

The Last Dance

Live Acoustic - Schlüffken, Wuppertal 29.06.2017

Behind The Album - Part 3

So much has happened in the last 7 months that we had to stop the recording for our debut album. In October there were only three of us left. Seb and Marcus took over the bass and tried out who would play the bass on which songs from now on. Because it was finally foreseeable that you can perform live again...

Behind The Album - Part 2

The recordings for our debut album have started. In order to shorten your waiting time, we let you participate.With insights as each instrument is recorded.Which songs are on the album, what will it be called, which artwork do we choose. Background of the lyrics.Shooting music videos.And everything else that goes with it

Live Compilation

Live Compilation 2023

Christmas Time - Bryan Adams Cover by Marcus Hoehne Band

One of our yearly released Christmas videos


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